Share Your Experiences With People Nearby Using New ARoglyph Service

Press release: ARoglyph for iOS

Publisher: ARoglyph Inc.

ARoglyph Inc. presents a new mobile service which blends geolocation, social interactions and augmented reality.

With ARoglyph you can pin virtual marks with text notes, voice comments or pictures to locations on the new layer of reality. Those marks can be seen by any or only chosen people, as you wish. People can view, listen and comment marks and this way communicate with the mark author.

The service is available for users of iOS and Android mobile devices, including Android Wear smart watches.

New service is a platform for a plethora of usage scenarios and ways to interact with others. Talk to everyone around or leave an Easter egg for your friends to see, turn others" attention to the wonderful sightseeing or comment on the service offered at your location, mark your car to find it later or mark a place for friends to meet, create virtual map for public events and let passers by know about what you offer - use ARoglyph for your pleasure and benefit.

You can take part in ARoglyph community by creating your own marks, voting for or against what other people have created, sharing those marks to social networks. Also you can compete with friends by earning points for great marks.

iOS and Android versions of the app can be installed via App Store ( ) and Google Play Store ( ) respectively. The web site of the service is