EULA: Financial Accounting Icons

Financial Accounting Icons Collection

License Agreement

The following is a legal agreement between ArtistsValley, LLC and our Icon customers.

Please ensure that this document is read carefully and is completely comprehended.
On Purchase/Download of icons from, you enter into an agreement with ArtistsValley, LLC. based on the following conditions. 
You should abide by the terms of this license. Any breach of this agreement could result in cancellation of privileges that are granted by the license and possibly a lawsuit being sort against the offender. 

All icons available on our website and those that are purchased and downloaded are ownered and copyrighted licensed property of ArtistsValley,LLC. 

On purchase/download of Professional Stock icons from, you agree to the terms of a "ONE SITE" license, that entitles you to be using the particular Icon Collection for one location or branch of a company for any number of software products and/or applications and/or websites abiding to the terms mentioned in this license. 

The purchase of this license ensures royalty-free usage of ArtistsValley icons for Commercial Software. This enables you to use ArtistsValley icons in different applications without any additional charges or royalties abiding to the terms mentioned in this license.

The icons should not be Redistributed OR Leased OR Copied OR Resold individually OR as any form of any independent Package or Collection OR otherwise made available for use or detached from a Product, Software Application, or Web Page. You can redistribute ArtistsValley icons while it is "in-use" or embedded within your application, website or software. The icons should not be packaged or sold in any form of individual libraries or stand alone products. You would require a special bulk volume license and/or royalty agreements to redistribute our icons solely as your product or along with your product as an image library or package. 

The icons that are purchased can be modified in any form and combined with existing icons from ArtistsValley,LLC. or any other artworks. ArtistsValley,LLC. can provide no guarantee of the outcome of the resulting design of icons used and will not be held responsible for any negative impacts on the resulting designs made there of. 

ArtistsValley, LLC. has the right to terminate this license with you in the case of a breach of these agreements and cannot be held liable to any loss or damage caused due to the cancellation of the agreement. In the case of termination of the license, all icons have to be deleted from every application that its used in. Breach of the license agreement terms with ArtistsValley can be engaged in a lawsuit with a possible fine. 

All icon files are provided "AS IS" and you agree not to hold liable for any damages that may occur during to use, or inability to use, icons or image data from 
Please review our Refund Policy  before purchasing our products. 
Ensure total understanding of our policy before purchasing our products and license. 

Changes to License Agreement 
We reserve the right to revise and modify the terms of this License Agreement  at any time. When we make additions to the terms or further clarifications, we will revise the "last updated" date at the top of the policy. We encourage you to review this agreement whenever you visit .

Please feel free to contact us for any queries or clarification required on our License Agreement at  . Your understanding of our License Agreement is important and will ensure seamless business with us. 


What does One-Site License mean?
One Site license means that you can use these icons and artwork for as many developers/employees/contractors as long as they are within the same company at that particular company location. You can use them for any number of application or other relevant media application within the terms of this License Agreement.

We have various buildings in a Campus area, we do have some other Off Campus locations that may wish to have access. Does your license allow this kind of usage? 
Our license applies to one location or company but its also under the assumption that the development team would be residing in the same building. If you would have multiple buildings within the same campus that may need access to the icons, then they would need their own licenses. Similarly, any off-Campus locations would have to have their own licenses for any collection. We can put together a custom Enterprise license package license too for you. Please contact us for details.

Your license says that the icons cannot be redistributed. Does that mean I cannot use these icons for any Commercial Software?
You can use these icons for Commercial purposes as long as the icons are not distributed by themselves or in any form of combined individual package or library along with your Product. These include distributing icons in stand alone zips, image libraries, or galleries. If you would like to use or redistribute them as image libraries, Please contact us so that we can get you a specific license for that purpose.

Can we modify these icons?
Yes. You can modify the icons with your own design team or you can contact us and we can do it for a Special price.
We are redistributing our software WorldWide. Will your future changes in the license Agreement affect our terms of use?
No. Any future amendments if any made to this agreement would just be additional clauses or more clarification for the terms already in there. The purchase of the License at that period of time, gives you the written document from ArtistsValley,LLC. to use their products for your software.