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Me2Team free shared online and apps work management software makes it easy to participate productively in activities, projects and processes in many organizations at the same time. Me2Team does the complex team, project, task and ToDo synchronization and communications required to keep work flowing to get things done. Unlike other management software, Me2Team uniquely organizes work around users. It is easy to add anyone to a task team. Task team members immediately see the task detail they need to know about. Tasks where a user is not a team member are hidden to provide security and privacy. Me2Team is a completely different global solution, like Facebook and Twitter were when initially introduced. Me2Team uses a simple new method to coordinate and communicate what needs to be done by each user. It provides the structure and tools needed for thousands of people to work together on thousands of activities from anywhere at any time. Me2Team's task planning template has been used by over 25,000 people in 150 countries. Success doesn't depend on management knowledge or skills. Me2Team automatically creates a task workflow plan and a personal To Do list. Progress is directly related to what has actually been done, so it is easy to understand. Users are kept informed about changes that affect them. Changes are immediately synchronized between all users and devices. Me2Team provides essential task information to each user anywhere at any time; so many current coordination meetings and other communications are not required. Consequently activities, projects and other tasks get done easier, better, faster and with less stress. Me2Team is free. A Premium desktop version is available for managers who need extra capabilities. Sign up for free access to Me2Team on standard or mobile browsers at the Me2Team website or for Apps at Apple store, Google Play or Windows store.

Changes: Online Work management software can now be accessed on popular free Me2Team apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows phone and tablets .

Minimum requirements: Browser or apps

Operating system: Windows 8,Windows Phone 7,Windows Phone 8,Windows RT,Android,iPhone,iPod,iPad,iOS

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Me2Team free shared online and apps work management software makes it easy for all stakeholders to get work done together with less stress. Me2Team synchronizes what people are doing with other users, tasks, projects, strategies, and processes.

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'The free version of Me2Team can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form'


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